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The following ISN Members have a deep appreciation for innovative, collaborative educational practices and how transformative they can be in all of our lives. They believe in not only maintaining the excellent practices they've begun, but also in building and sustaining these practices for the future. Our members are what makes the ISN who we are. We urge you to consider membership and become part of this movement that is focused on innovations in teaching and learning.


District members receive all ISN network benefits for all staff and board members in the district. Become an ISN District Member 

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ISN School members receive all ISN network benefits for all staff and board members in the school.

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The vision of the laboratory school:

A place where teachers and researchers can develop and spread instructional innovation—is nearly as old as American public education itself: John Dewey, the philosopher and giant of progressive education, founded the first "experimental school" at the University of Chicago in 1896. More than a century later, many such schools are working to find their place in a rapidly changing education landscape—and are part of the Innovative Schools Network.

ISN Laboratory Schools are laboratories of innovation, they are part of a network that has broken away from the mechanical ways of an educational system that is prevailing in many other places. ISN Laboratory Schools have a deep belief in their responsibility as educational citizens to share what they know and contribute to the innovative educational landscape.

Interested in becoming a laboratory school? If you answer yes to these questions, you might be ready to move towards becoming an ISN Laboratory School:

  • Is your school established, successful, and innovative?

  • Is staff dedicated to continual improvement and evolution of the model?

  • Are you interested in engaging in cutting edge action research?

All ISN Laboratory Schools have participated in the ISN School Review process and/or been a DPI-identified dissemination grantee, partnered with the ISN through their dissemination cycle. Becoming an ISN Laboratory School is one way to show others what an awesome school you are and how connected you are to innovation, collaboration, forward progress, and creative endeavors in your school. Additionally, lab schools have the opportunity to be visitation and immersion sites for the ISN, are given special recognition at ISN events, and are connected deeply to other lab schools within the network. 

Become an ISN Laboratory School by contacting us to learn more at info@innovativeschoolsnetwork.com


Appleton Public Montessori * LAB SCHOOL

Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School *LAB SCHOOL


Endeavor Charter School *LAB SCHOOL

Fond Du Lac STEM Academy *LAB SCHOOL

Idea Charter School *LAB SCHOOL

MG21 Liberal Arts Charter School *LAB SCHOOL

Northwest Passage High School  *LAB SCHOOL

Kaleidoscope Academy * LAB SCHOOL

Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum *LAB SCHOOL

Ouisconsing School of Collaboration *LAB SCHOOL

TAGOS Leadership Academy * LAB SCHOOL

The Alliance School * LAB SCHOOL

Urban Assembly School for Green Careers *LAB SCHOOL

Wildlands Science Research Charter School *LAB SCHOOL

Valley New School *LAB SCHOOL

Individual Educators

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