Aaron Herm

Phone(920) 425-1915
Email (Personal)aherm@wdpsd.com
Email (School)aherm@wdpsd.com
BiographyAaron is an advisor at Phantom Knight School of Opportunity in De Pere, WI. He has a Bachelor's in History from UW-Madison and a Master's in Educational Leadership from Marian University. In his role as advisor, he has leveraged technology to enhance personal learning plans, improve relations with parents and community, and help students create more innovative projects. He prepares his students for college and careers by emphasizing project management, time management, resourcefulness, and resilience. He has coached staff from other charter schools in technology integration, vision building, and space planning. Before coming to Phantom Knight, Aaron was a high school Social Studies and Special Education Teacher who incorporated PBL into both the traditional classroom and an at-risk alternative high school program.