This World Languages non-credit course for students will introduce them to multiple languages in an exciting, engaging manner.
First and third quarters will begin by planning an ideal vacation to a Spanish-speaking city. Verbs and pronouns will be essential to the conversations in Spanish while acting out different scenarios. Because there are many different dialects in Spanish, students will also take a look at how languages vary from place to place. Participants will then explore Berlin, and Germany's recent past, all while learning vocabulary to sing songs auf Deutsch.
In second and fourth quarters students will learn about Shanghai, practicing greetings in Chinese and understanding how Chinese calligraphy evolved. Lastly, participants will study one of the world's most famous cities: Paris. Here, each student will investigate a French quarter and learn some French vocabulary related to visiting that area. Next participants say adieu to French and dive into a linguistical analysis of Latin-based languages, to understand the unspoken entwined nature of culture and language.
Dates and times for the course will be scheduled with specific schools and be done via Zoom video conferencing. Sessions will be recorded and accessible for students who are absent. 
The stated fee is per student per quarter.  Each course lasts 8 weeks/16 sessions. A minimum of 10 students are needed to offer the course.
Must register by August 15, 2015 for 1st quarter enrollment, October 15, 2015 for 2nd quarter enrollment, January 15, 2016 for 3rd quarter enrollment, and March 15, 2016 for 4th quarter enrollment.
This is an academic resource only-- not for credit. 
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