The most important thing you can do for your school is continually improve it so all students are successful. But where’s the best place to invest your time and efforts? Curriculum review? Staff development? Operations and finance? Physical space? All of the above? And how do you make sure that you’ve got all the information—and heard the most critical ideas and opinions—so that your limited resources are used in the most targeted and effective ways? An ISN School Review allows your school team to work with an experienced coach who will go through an extensive review process of every part of your school to help you create the high-impact plan you need. Our knowledgeable, supportive coaches will work with you and your team to review a whole host of school issues. 

The advanced review includes a comprehensive survey of questions completed by your school team and a results summary from the ISN based on survey results. Additionally, an ISN consultant will come to your school, complete a summary based on observations and evidence provided by the school, and provide results that will assist you in the development of an action plan.



*A facilitator travel fee in the amount of $150 per day will be invoiced separately.

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