Part Time Students at Charter Schools

Part Time Student Information for Charter Schools 

Part-time open enrollment is only open to non-resident students who are enrolled in a public high school in their resident district who want to take a course in another public high school where they do not reside. Part-time attendance is only for residents of your district who are enrolled in private schools or who are home schooled who wish to take a course at the local high school. The charter is the agreement that governs how students are admitted to the charter school. The charter must include language that permits part-time students to attend. If it is silent on this point, part-time students cannot be admitted under either part-time open enrollment or part-time attendance. If the charter school is still on federal funds, it must follow the lottery requirement. The charter could include language for a fulltime student lottery and a part-time student lottery. Again, however, nonresident private and home-schooled students are not eligible for either part-time open enrollment or part-time attendance. Private and home-schooled students may only take courses in nonresident districts on a parent-paid tuition basis, provided the nonresident district has space and is willing to accept tuition students. Charter schools are not permitted to charge tuition. A private school student could pay tuition to the district to cover the costs of a course at the charter school if the charter allowed part-time enrollment. The charter school would then be paid by the district in accordance with the charter school contract. We hope this brief explanation helps. 

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