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An ISN review supports a school to strengthen its capacity to promote students’ learning and achievement. The review process also aims to sustain ongoing innovative practices, development, and improvement through effective self-review.

An ISN School Review allows your school team to work with experienced consultants who will go through an extensive review process of every part of your school to help you create the high-impact plan you need. Our knowledgeable, supportive consultants will work with you and your team to review a whole host of school issues.

Through its reviews, the ISN is able to provide assurance to school personnel, parents and communities about the quality of their school while also providing additional on-site services to assist you in your forward progress. The ISN’s approach is to work with schools to identify both their strengths and areas for potential growth and development.

What do you get?

1. Comprehensive Survey completed by your entire school team

2. Results Summary from the ISN based on survey responses

3. On-site Observations and Review. An ISN consultant will collaborate with you to develop an action plan.

4. Assurance that you're continuing on your path toward excellence.

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