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Paul Tweed

Board Vice President

Paul Tweed is a founder and lead teacher at Wildlands Science Research Charter School. After 20 years in the science classroom Paul embarked on the journey to build a new type of school focused on science, the natural environment, and community. Since 2005, Wildlands has grown to be a successful project based school located at the Beaver Creek Reserve nature preserve in Eau Claire County. As a leader in both the science education community and the development of innovative schools around the state, Paul is a founding member of the ISN and served as the first president of the board. Paul's areas of focus include teacher led schools, budget, science research, field studies, project based learning and assessment, and the development of student centered learning environments connected to the community. In the spring of 2015 Paul co-authored the book "An Improbable School" the story of how Wildlands has grown to be a school where students "want to be".

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