Madison Collective School



Created 2019 Grades K-5 Enrollment -


Educational Model


Madison Collective School is a collective microschool opening in 2019 for grades K-5 in Madison. It’s aim
is to foster high wellbeing through an education that is predicated on purpose and meaning in the lives of
its students and their families and to develop the skills and confidence to be the change-makers of their
generation. The educational model is inquiry-based and problem-focused learning (IQ-PBL), where to a
large extent, students decide what projects and problems they want to tackle. Teachers provide
scaffolding, guidance, and support, as well as monitor progress. Multiage classrooms provide continuity
of role models and provide opportunities for students to explore different roles in leading and following at
different times, and to routinely notice growth in themselves and their peers. Learning will take place
outside the classroom as much as inside; moving, exploring the natural world and interacting with the