Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School


Created 2009 Grades 7.0-12 Enrollment 10


Educational Model


The Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School is located in Birchwood, WI. The Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School (BBHCS) is project-based and designed for students in grades 7-12.  The BBHCS utilizes an individualized curriculum involving academic projects, field experiences, seminars,  mentorships and other one-of-a-kind experiences.


July MIN 2012Meeting Agendas / MinutesGovernance Board Minutes
Board ExpectationsSchool Development / Governance
Finance and Fundraising CommitteeSchool Development / Governance
Recruitment and Retention CommitteeSchool Development / Governance
Curriculum CommitteeSchool Development / Governance
Feb AgendaSchool Development / GovernanceGovernance Board Agenda
Letter of IntentEnrollment / RegistrationThis letter to parents is used for scheduling purposes as well as determining numbers for the coming year.
Phases of a ProjectProject GuidesThis breaks down the project process into sections (or phases). This document is introduced and discussed in depth at the start of the school year and shared with the students so they can refer to it during each project
Book Report OutlineProject GuidesAn outline to help students write a book report essay.
Project Evaluation RubricProject GuidesThis rubric is completed at the end of the finalization of each project. Student and advisors discuss where an "X" should be placed based on what the student demonstrated in the project. The students (with advisor's input) complete the "product quality" row before they start planning the artifact that they create to show their learning.
MS & HS Credit RequirementsPersonalized Learning PlansTable of the credits that we require in each subject for both MS (grades 7 and 8) and HS (grades 9-12).
Cover Letter for College ApplicationsReportsThis is a draft of a letter that is adapted and sent with the transcript when our students apply to college. A phone call to the admissions department is also made.
Argumentative Essay DirectionsStudent PlannersA document that was shared with students to help them in writing an argumentative (persuasive) essay for their writing portfolio.
Advisory Activity IdeasProject GuidesA spreadsheet of some advisory activities that we have used and enjoyed at the BBHCS.