High Marq Environmental Charter School


Created 2010 Grades 6-12 Enrollment 32



Educational Model


Compassionate Learners, Meaningful Work, Sustainable Communities

An environmentally focused, public charter school for grades 6-12 with a project-based curriculum and weekly place-based field experiences. Founded in 2010.


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Council Meeting MinutesMeeting Agendas / Minutes
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Student-written Press ReleasePress ReleasesStudent-written Press Release
Sample Annual BudgetBudgetThis sample budget shows the categories to which we allocate our funds as well as how we calculate our annual per pupil amounts.
School BrochureHandouts
Teacher Leader School GuideTeacher LeadershipTask Divisions for advisors, staff, administrators, council, and more.
High Marq Transcript TemplateReportsWe use Google Sheets to track middle and high school student credits in this format. It prints nicely on one page from Google Drive, but the formatting may end up a little funky in Excel.
Independent Project RubricRubrics / GradingHigh Marq Independent Project Rubric
Semester-Long Project RubricRubrics / GradingHigh Marq Semester-Long Project Rubric
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