Mead Elementary Charter School


Created 2008 Grades K4-5 Enrollment -


Educational Model


Mead Elementary Charter School is a public charter school serving over 400 children in grades Pre-K – 5th. Mead is an innovative and collaborative learning environment.  We work together with families and our community to offer differentiated learning structures that will fully engage our students by providing a meaningful and challenging academic component, integrated with a motivating and empowering life vision component.  We inspire our students to take ownership in their education by applying their social and academic knowledge to serve the larger community.


School BrochureHandouts
Mead Rubrics for Best PracticeRubrics / GradingOur Action teams created best practice rubrics in the areas of Math, Reading, & Writing
Mead Meeting Minutes form and Recommendation to Charter Shared LeadershipMeeting Agendas / MinutesOne of our systemic procedures is to read our staff guidelines and give roles such as note taker and time keeper for each meeting.
Charter Shared Leadership AgendaMeeting Agendas / MinutesOur annual one-day workshop for representatives of key stakeholder areas.
Mead School wide Expectations BookletStandardsThis document was adapted and revised per our Responsive Classroom Support Team
2 day Summer Institute for Innovative Elementary TeachersPress ReleasesJoin us for 2 days of collaboration and learning from other innovative elementary educators across the state! June 16 & 17, 2014
Voice Level ChartRubrics / GradingVisual representation of voice levels throughout the school
Mead SchedulesReportsGrade level and intervention schedules for our school
PLC Collaboration FormMeeting Agendas / MinutesOur Monday collaboration form that helps guide us to answer the 4 main questions of a PLC during collaboration.