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A nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization led by a group of professional educators, the Innovative Schools Network (ISN) supports the establishment and growth of high quality, research-based innovative schools by providing professional training and guidance, and ensuring that educators can easily collaborate, connect, and learn from one another.


Promoting the EventHost SchoolsUse these tips to help WISN make your event a success!
Blue Jeans Quick Start GuideHandouts
VueQuest Room System Pricing Overview Fall 2013Administration
VueQuest Room System Option A Fall 2013Administration
VueQuest Room System Option B Fall 2013Administration
VueQuest Room System Option C Fall 2013Administration
Together We're Better AgendaMeeting Agendas / Minutes
Together We're Better WorkshopsMeeting Agendas / Minutes
Legal Advice: Charter School Guide SheetSchool Development / Governance
Legal Advice: Charter School Reference GuideSchool Development / Governance
Legal Advice: Legal Highlights for Charter School Planning GranteesSchool Development / Governance
Visitation/ Collaboration Day Reimbursement FormHost Schools
2013 Fall UW-La Crosse CreditEnrollment / Registration
Transformational Change ModelTeacher LeadershipFrom the QED Foundation
Teacher Leader Resource ListTeacher LeadershipList of resources for teacher leadership
Marketing SamplesPress ReleasesThese are examples of how the WISN has used branding and marketing in print.
Etude Group Governance HandbookBylawsThis is a great example of a Governance Board Handbook from the Etude Group in Sheboygan.
High Marq Student Survey QuestionsReportsStudent Survey
High Marq Parent SurveyReportsParent Survey
Kaleidoscope Parent SurveyReportsParent Survey
MG21 Parent SurveyReportsParent Survey
APM Parent SurveyReportsParent Survey